Brother James Releases New Single 'I Had To Dig'

Feb 19 2020

Focusing on spirituality, intimacy and the journey to liberation, Brother James (the artist moniker of Justin James Sinclair) has a way of producing tracks that are not only impassioned but also deeply philosophical. His latest single 'I Had To Dig' weaves an epic narrative conversation with a monk to articulate the inconsistencies in life, the pursuit of freedom, and the journey of learning to live deeply and love others well.

With only an acoustic guitar and a meditative melody, in the style of Bob Dylan, Brother James shares his personal experiences with the listener: "naming all the problems that come with my spiritual heritage and the ways it has hurt people, in order to uncover and identify the good that it has to offer and invite others into a full life," says Justin about 'I Had To Dig', which is set for release on January 31st, 2020.

Following the release of insightful tracks “Witness” and “Good Country People” in 2019, this 2020 single shows greater lyrical and emotional depth. Profoundly perceptive, “I Had To Dig” is a track that resonates on both a surface and a spiritual level.

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