Alenka Manka Releases 'The Hands of Jesus' Single From 'You're The One' Album

Feb 20 2020

Alenka Manka has released her debut single 'The Hands of Jesus', taken from the recent album 'You're The One'. Alenka was born in the South American nation of Bolivia, but moved to the United States of America at the age of nine years old. Alenka not only has become a citizen of the United States of America, but she has also become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Alenka has personally witnessed The Hands of Jesus work abundantly in her life after dealing with personal heartache and loss.

Teaming up with Nashville's songwriting legend John Chisum, and producer Chris Springer, this song is sure to take the listener on an intimate journey of the relationship that Alenka has with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"I can empathize with people who have gone through great heartache and loss in their life because I have experienced this in my own life journey, with the separation of my parents, the loss of culture and family I had in South America, but yet when I look back at my life I can say that my Heavenly Father has always been with me. He’s always exceeded my expectations.

I don’t consider myself a worship leader or a Christian artist, but I want to be both with the grace, wisdom and leading of God. Growing up I never felt that I was musically talented or a good enough singer/songwriter. Growing up, no one in my family was musically inclined or involved in church. I come from a very broken place where I had to discover my identity in Christ because growing up my parents were not Christian."

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