French Singer/Songwriter Matt Marvane Releases 'Forever I'll Sing'

Mar 25 2020

French singer-songwriter Matt Marvane has dropped a brand new single. 'Forever I'll Sing' is the English version of 'Je Chanterai', a song that traveled widely in the French-speaking church and which is certainly one of the best known songs Marvane wrote. Birthed out of a troubled time in his marriage when the artist turned to worship, this song is a testimony of the grace of God turning our most fragile moments into blessings for many. The single offers a worshipful pop folk soundscape on which Scottish singer-songwriter Steph Macleod also lends his warm vocals.

"Do not let emotions crush you but use them to trigger the blessing. Nobody's spared from difficulties but we have all received grace to ask God for help; don't give in but give Him glory!"

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