Video: Hillsong Worship & Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Awake My Soul

Jun 30 2020

"At the beginning of 2020, Tasha and I began talking about what it would be like for us to record a song together live at our July Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia, where she was an invited guest. The COVID-19 pandemic evolved, reaching the point that necessitated postponement of live events and conferences the world over. It became clear we weren’t going to be able to execute what we’d originally planned. However, the collaboration felt important, so perhaps there was something else we could do...And so, ‘Awake My Soul with Tasha Cobbs Leonard’ was birthed. Though we could not have forseen the potent timing of this collaboration, it was well within the Lord’s realm of knowledge and so we are grateful, et not surprised! We pray it is a blessing to you." - Brooke Ligertwood & Tasha Cobbs Leonard

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