Philippa Hanna's New Worship Album 'Stained Glass Stories' Releases This Week

Jul 27 2020

Philippa Hanna returns with her 7th studio album 'Stained Glass Stories' on Friday, 31st July 2020. The common denominator of existence is brokenness. We all come face to face with it and when we do, a choice presents itself: we can cling to our hurt and confusion or we can lift the name of Jesus and cling to the cross. That is how this project started. ‘Stained Glass Stories’ is a raw, creative, honest response to the many struggles we all face in this life by pointing to the source of Light which brings beauty out of our fragments and shines through our cracked and frail existences.

This collection of songs was born in a really difficult season in Philippa Hanna’s life - when divisions and divorces happened in her family, when sickness and depression hit, when professional struggles and spiritual droughts darkened her reality, she allowed the technicolour power of God’s grace to be manifest in her vulnerability. Embracing transparency to get healing, the pieces started to be put back together one melody at a time. This depicts the historic concept of stained glass; that broken pieces can tell the most profound stories, lift hearts to higher places and fuse art and sacredness in the most beautiful way. Above all, stained glass needs the power of Light. It is Light that tells the story and without it there can be no colour.

‘Stained Glass Stories’ goes beyond a sonic experience and brings the listener into a an intimate, vulnerable and powerful encounter with the Living Creator. The ultimate Artist. Light Himself, who desires to bring warmth and glow to the dullest and darkest heart. This album unravels a spectrum of colours through each song; from symphonies of iridescence and grey skies to reflective laments and energetic praise, this is worship pulled up from the ground of life experience. It's the sound of pain made pure by God's Grace. It reminds us that we are the light that shines in a deprived generation. That the church needs each piece, all different shapes and sizes, to be the full and glorious picture of Christ on this earth. ‘Stained Glass Stories’ is an invitation to let the Light in.

Philippa Hanna is an established UK singer-songwriter, whose independent career span over 17 years and culminated in her signing a recording contract with Integrity Music, marking the upcoming release of her first ever worship project. Her music frequently draws upon her experiences of a turbulent youth and the Christian faith she found in 2004, crafting songs that ooze with honesty, authenticity and vocals that are as powerful as they are heartfelt. Philippa Hanna is recognised as a leading light in the Christian & Gospel scene in Europe and has a lot of experience in the mainstream music industry. Beyond being a gifted writer, worship leader and storyteller, Philippa Hanna has been invited to open tours for household names including Lionel Richie, Little Mix, Leona Lewis, Wet Wet Wet and Anastacia, highlighting the broadness of her appeal. Her new album 'Stained Glass Stories' releases on 31st July. Her last two records took the Official Christian & Gospel Charts #1 spot, with 'Come Back Fighting' peaking at #10 on the Official Country Chart. Hopes are high for her 7th studio album, unveiling a new soundscape of worship pulled up from the ground of life experience.

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