Judah Band Releasing New Single 'Up from Here'

Aug 05 2020

Judah Band are releasing their latest single, 'Up from Here', available on all digital music outlets from 7th August.

"With so much uncertainty around us, it is easy to get discouraged", explains the band. "Well, we are sure that you need to add this song to your "faith music" playlist. Up is your only option! You will not leave this crisis empty handed. It's "UP" after this! "

Judah Band is an eclectic group of talented musicians and singers, founded and lead by producer, songwriter and singer, Randy Weston. Judah Band possesses an energy and presence that can’t be contested. Their sound is a melting pot of musical genres that include: Gospel, Rock, Pop and Classical. Judah Band’s sound has the ability to circumvent all cultural backgrounds and tear down denominational

The Indianapolis based group is signed to Light Records. Judah Band’s first single, For My Good, was released in November 2017. Judah Band brings fresh energy, impeccable style, and a commitment to expressing their fervor for the message of Christ. Their mission is sure and focused, and they are unapologetic about their approach to spreading the Gospel. They intend to interrupt the norm and appeal to those that may not look like what is typical. Judah Band is here, and they are charged to make their mark.

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