Shawna Cain Releases Second Single 'None Like You'

Sep 18 2020

Shawna Cain has released 'None Like You', the second single from her forthcoming debut EP 'The Way', releasing October 2, 2020. Earlier this year Shawna released her first single from the EP, titled 'I Am A Spirit'.

Opening with the line “I just need to worship you", 'None Like You' sees Cain take a frank and honest look at her relationship with God and the focus that worshipping Him brings to her life. While others may see slowing down the pace of life as a luxury they believe they can’t afford to take, she sees it as the perfect respite in our always-on world.

"It's a worship song that serves as an interruption to my thoughts. It’s a much-needed break in the midst of our busy lives. It’s in that time that I don’t focus on anything aside from the beauty of the world and the beauty of what God means to me. It’s about getting lost in the moment and refusing to be side-tracked by the daily distractions we all have in our lives."

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