Jordan Colle Releases New Album 'Mainland'

Sep 18 2020

Jordan Colle, a Christian indie artist, releases his new album 'Mainland' on September 18th. The album features the recent singles, 'Clarity', 'Oh My Soul', and the title track 'Mainland'.

"This album is all about the journey. 'How did I get here?' was a question I asked myself a lot", explains Jordan. "I was riddled with mistakes, shame, guilt and honestly, couldn't get out of my own way most of the time. It wasn't until, I did a good long look at myself and realized a lot needed to change if I was going to become the person He had designed. These songs are stepping stones, stories, reflections that guided me back to where I needed to be. The place where it was just me and Him. Back to the most important relationship. Back to the Mainland."

"I’ve always been rebellious at heart", confesses Jordan. " I tend to enjoy (sometimes to a fault) the idea that things don't always have to be a certain way. Why would the God of the universe, who is insanely creative, want me to make exactly what the guy next to me made? Doesn’t add up. 
 I knew going into this album, I had 20 plus songs that I felt could be on the album. It came down to what all worked together to make the message come to life.

My journey as a songwriter has been weirdly short. I wrote with friends growing up but I never felt like I had “a gift” or felt it could be more than something fun to do. It wasn’t until I went to counseling and really dealt with some root issues in my life. Some of which were recent, some were from a long time ago. The Lord really put a fire in my heart to write, it became such a healing process for me. Over time, the gift grew and now it’s something that is such a vital part of my everyday life. 

I imagine and dream this album can be one where you roll the windows down, you’re heading to the beach or downtown and it brings you a little bit more joy. It completes the vibe. On the other hand, I pray it can speak to your soul, it can heal, it can give you a better understanding of who God is. 
 'May these songs be pavers, bridges and rivers that guide you back to the Mainland.'"

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