Worship Central - Lifting High


Lifting High


20 Apr 2010 (US), 10 Oct 2009 (UK)


When Tim Hughes left Soul Survivor to become worship pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton (London) in 2006, he met Al Gordon and together they birthed Worship Central which is a worship training resource project, with an amazing website providing worship leaders with information about new songs that are coming out of the churches around the world. At the same time handing out a few hints and tips for leading God's people to a place of honest worship. This year Nikki Fletcher and Ben Cantelon joined the Worship Central team and with that, a compilation album of the best worship...
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Worship Central To Release 'Lifting High'

Worship Central To Release 'Lifting High'

Worship Central is set to release its first album, 'Lifting High', on 9th October. Worship Central is a school of worship from Alpha International, led by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon, with a vision to encounter God, equip the…

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