Sidewalk Prophets - These Simple Truths


These Simple Truths


12 Jan 2010

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There are some bands that, regardless of their motivation, make music which breaks the mold or sets the standard for bands that follow them. Then there are others who stick within the boundaries of those who have gone before them to play it safe. Sidewalk Prophets latest offering 'These Simple Truths' suggests that they fit somewhere between these two categories; they are not breaking the mold with their sound but the album is far from sounding like recycling other artists work.

Just Might Change Your Life opens the album with warm guitars and introduces the melodic style of rock which...
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Sidewalk Prophets Release Debut CD 'These Simple Truths'

Sidewalk Prophets Release Debut CD 'These Simple Truths'

Sidewalk Prophets released their debut CD 'These Simple Truths' yesterday (25th August). The band, consisting of Ben McDonald, Dave Frey, Cal Joslin and Justin Nace, worked with popular music producer Ian Eskelin (All Star…

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