Chris McClarney - Introducing Chris McClarney


Introducing Chris McClarney


26 Jan 2010 (US), 13 Dec 2010 (UK)

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Chris McClarney the American Worship leader has just released his new album 'Introducing Chris McClarney' which as it says on the tin is a introduction to the man himself. I have to admit I don't know much about Chris but was told he wrote the very well know song 'Your Love Never Fails'.

With every new release we get a little press release to promote the artist and with this album the press release told me "Every once in a while something different happens, something that makes you pause, reflect and reassess. Chris McClarney is that 'different thing'. Unassuming, yet possessing...
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Introducing Chris McClarney

Introducing Chris McClarney

American worship leader and songwriter Chris McClarney will release 'Introducing... Chris McClarney' on 6th November. Best known for his song 'Your Love Never Fails', which has been picked up around the world, Chris will also be…

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