Switchfoot - Where The Light Shines Through


Where The Light Shines Through


08 Jul 2016

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When a band like Switchfoot enter the party, everyone at the party swirls their head to see them make their entrance, and with this album they really make another big entrance. Welcome back Switchfoot, you have been missed.

So, 'Where The Light Shines Through' is the band's 10th album. Wow. I remember discussing with my brother in law recently what our favorite Switchfoot album was and we both came up with different albums for different reasons. When I was pushed I said 'The Beautiful Letdown' was the overall best in my opinion, but I also have a big fondness for 'Oh...
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Switchfoot Announce Three UK Tour Dates For Autumn 2017

Switchfoot Announce Three UK Tour Dates For Autumn 2017

Popular US rockers Switchfoot have announced 3 more UK tour dates for this Autumn, following their highly successful performance at this year's Big Church Day Out event in May. Switchfoot released their 10th studio album…

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Switchfoot has been unearthing all manner of musical gems since their 1997 debut The Legend of Chin, steadily expanding their global fan base and critical reputation through such releases as NewWay to Be Human (1999), Learning to…

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