Point of Grace - No Changin' Us


No Changin' Us


02 Mar 2010

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So, I’m back in familiar territory with this latest release from country trio Point of Grace. Their 14th album (14 albums!!!!) No Changin’ Us is the first since 2007’s How You Live and the first as a trio after their fourth member announced her retirement in 2008. Does it have an impact on their music? I honestly can’t say as this is my first hearing.

From the first vocal’s of first track He Holds Everything it’s hard not to make a comparison to LeAnn Rimes as the tones are incredibly similar and the music isn’t that much different either. This...
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Point of Grace Release New Album 'No Changin' Us'

Point of Grace Release New Album 'No Changin' Us'

The highly anticipated new album from Point of Grace, 'No Changin' Us' has now been released. Featuring the group's new single 'Come to Jesus' this eighth studio album from the female trio is their first full-length recording…

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