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21 Apr 2017

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As frontman for the popular metalcore band, Memphis May Fire, Matty Mullins is no stranger to the industry. With the success of his band, Mullins has been able to share faith-based positivity with large secular crowds all over the world. A calling to make an album of declaring his faith, led to the creation of his successful CCM self-titled solo debut in 2014.

Now onto his second solo album titled 'Unstoppable. Matty Mullins is back. My general thoughts about the album are that this bunch of songs all have stories and messages that are so prominent that you can't help...
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Matty Mullins
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Matty Mullins

A warm-hearted Contemporary Christian pop singer with a gentle laugh, gregarious smile, and moving melodic gift, Matty Mullins shares the hope of the Gospel on Unstoppable, a sophomore album as outwardly…

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