Lou Fellingham - Step Into The Light


Step Into The Light


16 May 2010 (US), 20 May 2010 (UK)

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I have looked forward to the honour of being given Lou Fellingham's new album to review and to do it justice I have listened to this album solidly for the past two days, with just a minor blip having been begged by my three year old for something different and more to his liking, and I can say with confidence that I really like the album which with a mixture of refreshingly light and beautifully haunting tunes as well as a couple of revisited surprises, has the potential to please most.

Lou's original version of 'Amazing God' is one of my...
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Lou Fellingham Releases Latest Album 'Step Into The Light'

Lou Fellingham Releases Latest Album 'Step Into The Light'

British singer Lou Fellingham releases her third solo album 'Step Into The Light' on Monday, 17th May 2010. Described as "a soul-stirring, faith-building and hope-changing album, a five star adventure into a brighter, clearer…

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