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Abigail Duhon


26 May 2017

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I'm always loathed to say an artist or an album sounds like a certain someone, as in reality this is never really true. They are themselves, but that's not very helpful when reading a review of an artist you know very little about or have never heard before.

But first let me just give you a little biography about Abigail. She is an American Christian musician and actress. She released a studio album, Right Now, in 2014. The album saw two of its singles, "La La La" and "Praying for You", place on the Billboard magazine Hot Singles Sales chart. Her...
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End of year chat with - Abigail Duhon

End of year chat with - Abigail Duhon

Over the Christmas and New Year period, we're catching up with some of our favourite artists for a quick fire interview about their highlights of 2017 and plans for 2018. Check out the latest episode below, and keep checking back…

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