Charmine - Love Reality


Love Reality


30 Mar 2010

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I know you shouldn't judge an album by it's cover but there are some covers that just scream genres at you - you know, if it's a really abstract arty cover you expect it to be a really cool indie band right? This cover screamed dance music at me so I was a little confused for the first few tracks.

We open up with a moody, atmospheric movie style string arrangement, the kind that wouldn't be out of place in the climatic scene of Armageddon. I expected it to explode into a dance number but it didn’t. What it did...
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Charmine Releases Second Album 'Love Reality'

Charmine Releases Second Album 'Love Reality'

Pop singer Charmaine released her second album 'Love Reality' on 30th March. The solo artist from Sydney, Australia describes her music as pop/orchestral/electronic. The new albums contains 10 new songs including the first single…

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