Carly Paoli - Singing My Dreams


Singing My Dreams


30 Jun 2017

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There is something magical about hearing a good theatrical/classical singer. Carly Paoli is that kind of singer. The moment her album Singing My Dreams started, I was swept away into a different place.

Now I don't usually turn to classical music in my day to day musical listening. Of course I can appreciate how technically amazing and brilliant classical music and singing is, we all can. But it's not my 'go to' musical genre of choice. For many it is their musical first choice, and I know these people will love this album. Yet there is a part of me thinking...
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Carly Paoli

Carly Paoli

Carly Paoli released her debut album 'Singing My Dreams' earlier this year. It heralds the entry of a young classically trained artist who has already made headlines with her exquisite emotional and dramatic singing. LTTM caught…

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