JJ Heller - When I'm With You


When I'm With You


19 Oct 2010 (US), 21 Dec 2010 (UK)

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The story of how I got into JJ Heller is what music is really all about. I was having a hard time, I honestly don't remember why, but I had been talking to a good friend of mine about it and she was trying to comfort me. She was trying to find the words that I needed to hear but simply couldn't. The day after we had been speaking, I logged onto my email and she had sent me JJ's All The Beauty. In that song was everything I needed to hear to pull me out of the funk I...
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JJ Heller Releases New Album 'When I'm With You'

JJ Heller Releases New Album 'When I'm With You'

Christian singer/songwriter JJ Heller has released her latest album 'When I'm With You'. The 10 track album was produced by Grammy-winning engineer/producer Mitch Dane and features JJ's husband Dave on backing vocals and guitar.…

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