Jason Gray - Song Cycles


Song Cycles


05 Apr 2011 (US), 04 Apr 2011 (UK)

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When I heard Jason Gray was trying something different with the release of his EP Song Cycles it really intrigued me. Basically the project features 4 of his songs, with each track having a rough tape recording of the track which was recorded on Jason's laptop, the demo that got sent to his label, the final studio version of the track and a completely remixed version courtesy of Derek Webb all put onto this EP.

The four tracks that Jason decided to put on the EP and show their recording history are More Like Falling In Love, Blessed Be, I...
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Jason Gray Releases Unique Remix EP 'Song Cycles'

Jason Gray Releases Unique Remix EP 'Song Cycles'

Jason Gray has released a new album titled 'Song Cycles' featuring remixes by well known producer and musician Derek Webb from the band Caedmon's Call. A limited run of only 2500 physical copies has been produced, but the album…

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