Andy Cherry - Nothing To Fear


Nothing To Fear


06 Mar 2012

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Worship leader Andy Cherry releases his 'Nothing Left To Fear' album in March. Having recently won new fans around the US on Matt Maher's 'The Love In Between' tour, Andy's album was crafted alongside award winning producer Jason Ingram.

After several listens to his debut album I personally think Andy Cherry will have a promising career as a Christian recording artist. Andy Cherry is the latest Christian artist to come from the United States, based in North Carolina. It is an album I guarantee you will listen to again and again, either chilling out at home or even if you are...
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Andy Cherry To Release 'Nothing Left To Fear' Album

Andy Cherry To Release 'Nothing Left To Fear' Album

Andy Cherry will release his full debut album 'Nothing Left To Fear' on 6th March 2012. The album's lead single 'Our God's Alive' has already set a precedent, while Andy continues to win fans around the US on Matt Maher's 'The…

Andy Cherry

Andy Cherry

Worship leader Andy Cherry has just released his album 'Nothing Left To Fear'. Crafted alongside famed producer Jason Ingram the album follows Cherry as he grapples with the complexities of genuine faith. Having recently earned…

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