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Soulful, U.S Singer songwriter, Madison Ryann Ward released haunting, mellow, new single, ‘Anchor’ on 17th December 2021.

The thought-provoking track will resonate with many as we all hit times when we feel overwhelmed and wish we could reach out for something to steady us. In this beautiful, almost haunting track, Madison tells her own story of what grounds her in tough times.

Madison explains; “This was about letting God guide me through the middle of a hard time, and learning how to find peace despite my inability to escape the...
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Madison Ryann Ward - Anchor
Jan 12 2022

Madison Ryann Ward - Anchor

Inspired by artists from many different genres, Madison Ryann Ward combines bluesy, soulful melodies with folk, rap and gospel influenced lyricism to create a classic sound that remains all her own. For me Madison has this…

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