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Mr. Weaverface releases his new song 'Above All Names' on June 7, 2024. "It's a song about recognizing the power of Jesus’ Name", he explains. "I called on Jesus’ Name when I was confronted with evil and Jesus freed me from the bondage of sin and addiction and all the negative spiritual aspects associated with it."

Since Mr. Weaverface entered the Christian Music rock scene in early 2022, he has been working hard and making strides in the industry. His songs “Jesus Is Alive” and “I May Never Die” were regularly featured on 90.3 FM WJTL's Some Sort of Rock Show...
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Mr. Weaverface - Thorn In My Flesh
Oct 13 2023

Mr. Weaverface - Thorn In My Flesh

Mr. Weaverface returns with his new song 'Thorn In My Flesh', and what a stunning track it is. Opening with gloriously dramatic electric guitar tones, before the distinctive vocals float in as if calling out through the mist.…

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