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A new compilation album recorded at the 'Fri:d3m Festival' in London has recently been released by Zoe Records, featuring a diverse range of Gospel music. Louder Than The Music spoke to Tracy Lenga, Project Coordinator and a featured artist on the 'Fri:d3m Festival Compilation Album', to find out more about it.

For those who haven't heard of the Fri:D3m Festival, can you tell us a bit about it?

Fri:d3m Festival Compilation Album is a special album for a number of reasons, primarily being a community project to teach gospel music to young people check (Frid3m, Freedom Choir) and it’s the first British...
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Scars & Straw (Martin Clark)
Nov 21 2017

Scars & Straw (Martin Clark)

'Scars and Straw', an exciting Christmas production featuring music and specially-filmed narration and drama, is touring the UK over the next few weeks with an exciting live band. LTTM caught up with the director, Martin Clark…



Various Artists - The Fullness of Love
Sep 21 2022

Various Artists - The Fullness of Love

Echoes Blue Music is proud to be partnering with Eric Todd to release a companion album to his new book, The Fullness of Love. The album features nine stunning tracks from Christian artists whose music is both inspired by…

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