Mats Dernánd Enters New Genre With Instrumental Movie Score Single

Sep 29 2020

Swedish musician and songwriter Mats Dernánd enters a new genre with the release of his new song 'Hope' on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Mats says the instrumental song "can best be described as neo-classical - think epic kind of movie score."

"Writing film music is a dream I have had for a long time", he continues. "But the dream has felt so unattainable that I have not done any of it until now. But the fact is that I already have concrete interest in the song from the other side of the Atlantic. We'll see if there will be something - but it's very encouraging anyway."

Mats Dernánd is probably best known for the song 'She's Called Grace' which almost a year ago was awarded in the world's leading music competition USA Songwriting Competition which last year attracted 48,000 participants. The final place and the jury's honorary award did not lead to much more concrete than that Mats felt encouraged to contact parts of the industry in the USA. Eventually, this led to agreements with two American publishers who mainly work with music for film and television.

"It sounds cool to be able to say that you work with two publishers in Nashville, but so far it has not led to much", admits Mats. "The competition is fierce. But with the new song Hope, it has started to move a bit."

A Netflix series has put Hope on "hold", which means it is up for a decisive decision. If it is positive, the song will be played in the second season of a Netflix series TV series. The first season is now showing.

"I really have no idea how big my chances are, except that in any case there is a concrete interest in the song. You should not take the victory in advance, it is often said. But I say "why not". I take the opportunity to celebrate a little now anyway, so I can at least rejoice a little whatever happens."

'Hope' has no lyrics but Mats hopes that the listeners get pictures in their heads when they listen to the song. "The hope is to be fragile. But there is also something big and heroic in daring to hope even if it looks dark. In this song I have tried to express both the fragile, budding hope but also the grandeur of daring to hope. I hope the listener feels a little hopeful", says Mats. "Hope is one of the finest things there is and is a relative of faith and hope."

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