KDMusic Releasing Series of Singles Starting With 'Father's Lullaby'

Apr 15 2021

KDMusic will be releasing a series of singles through the rest of 2021. The 'Truth & Beauty' series will be a varied mix of acoustic singer-songwriter tracks, mixing; singer-songwriter, blues & roots songs, “red letter” Christian protest songs, remakes of a couple of old carols & hymns that haven’t been arranged for guitar before, plus a new modern hymn co-write with Ian Hannah (formerly of the Getty Music stable).

Sonically, it’ll be deliberately less ’studio polished’ and more earthy, with a mix of crunchy Strats, Lowden acoustics, classical guitar, cello, live percussion and drums from Terl Bryant ~ drummer for Bands such as Iona, John Paul Jones, and Barbara Dickinson, and keys from Ian Hannah. Trademark guitar and vocal tones from Dave Whitcroft & Gillian Brown, will provide the familiar sound people loved from the first release.

"The series kicks off this Saturday 17 April with the release of a Christian Singer songwriter tune “Father’s Lullaby”. Father’s Lullaby took 20 years to finish - so might be it’s worth a listen, it tends to make mums cry a bit!

Father’s Lullaby is the voice of a Father singing the calm & comfort of leaning on Jesus “the morning star” over his children, who then grow up to hopefully do the same for their kids."

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