Caspar McCloud Announces New Album 'Back to Back' Coming This Summer

Jun 01 2021

Boldly going where most Christian musicians dare not go, Pastor Caspar McCloud is shaking up the world of Christian rock music with the latest singles he’s written. Following the recent release of 'Black Swan' and 'Nanobots', Caspar McCloud Band's upcoming summer album will be entitled 'Back to Back'.

McCloud brings a breath of fresh air to Christian music by combining awesome new tunes with lyrics that speak the truth about societal issues in light of biblical prophecy. People need Jesus and they need to be able to make sense out of life in light of the dark days in which we find ourselves.

McCloud brings it all together with overarching themes of redemptive hope through repentance, faith, protection, and salvation in Jesus.

'Black Swan' is a song about the spell of great deception that the world is falling under, and how the powers that be plan to keep the peoples of the world subject to their oppression by using the spirit of fear. But despite this dark plan that is advancing, God always outmaneuvers the devil. There is a faithful remnant of Holy Spirit filled true believers who are spreading God’s peace, joy, hope, and holiness until at last Jesus returns to earth in his glory.

'Nanobots' - No matter what evil men continue to bring about with their nefarious agendas, God sees it all. McCloud draws attention to how when we are covered by the blood of Jesus we can be victorious overcomers in this world. As his disciples, we are empowered by his Holy Spirit and commanded to do things he did as stated in gospel scriptures such as John 12:14.

'Nanobots' has been getting rave reviews. We pray people will continue to share this song to help encourage others to use their God-given critical thinking skills, and start investigating for themselves instead of merely believing propaganda news networks.

How fitting that after their last two 2020 album releases, Caspar McCloud Band’s upcoming summer album will be entitled: 'Back to Back'.

In these last days, biblical prophecies are unfolding before our eyes. One could say we are living in the times of the signs! McCloud continues under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to write music with lyrics about those signs and how they relate to prophetic passages in our holy guidebook to the supernatural - the Bible.

Songs from 'Back to Back', like 'How Close We Are' and 'When the Dream is Over' will bring peace like a holy salve to your soul and have you celebrating with joy and hope in Jesus. Caspar McCloud Band brings their vocal and instrumental talents together again to perform these powerfully great, new musical masterpieces that will be sure to delight.

A guitar virtuoso and veteran musician, McCloud has worked with some of the best in the business including Rick Derringer and Tommy James and the Shondells whose “Crimson and Clover” has been a music mainstay since the ‘60s. Working with the Shondells led McCloud to master-engineer and producer Glenn Taylor. McCloud continues to create fantastic music with Nashville violinist Renae’ Truex, drummer Carlos Merced, and keyboardist Donovan Lipham (Caspar McCloud Band).

McCloud put his faith in the Lord Jesus long ago, and it led him not only to deeper levels of music but ministry as well. With years in the game and the faithful following he has established - especially with the two albums released in 2020: Game Changers and Black Swan, we know that you will be delighted with the latest singles Nanobots and Black Swan.

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