Irish Singer Angela Mahon Releases Latest Single 'You Belong'

Oct 01 2021

Angela Mahon, an Irish singer who has been using her powerful, evocative voice to spread the word of God for over twenty years, has released her latest single 'You Belong'.

'You Belong' are the words God speaks directly to us, He wants us to know that "my love, is all for you". 'You Belong' is one of many songs penned by Angela during 2020 and is her second single release this year. A reflection on the depth of God’s love for us, 'You Belong' is an intimate account of God speaking directly to each one of us. We are reminded that in the midst of all our storms, God will raise us high and breathe his life into us - that his love, is all for us.

"I hope this song will help people realise, that God loves them intimately", explains Angela. "God is calling us out of darkness, and God wants us to know that his deep, personal love is available for everyone. My favourite line is, 'And I will raise you high even though you're cast down, and I will breathe my life onto you'."

Angela's pure, celestial voice delivers every syllable of this song with love and conviction. It is a stunning vocal performance above a beautiful blend of instruments and almost hypnotic drum beat. 'You Belong' brings us on a journey deeper into the heart of God and will resonate with believers everywhere.

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