Angela Mahon Releases First of Three Songs For Lent and Holy Week: 'Psalm 31 Good Friday'

Mar 04 2024

Irish native Angela Mahon, a gifted singer-songwriter in contemporary Christian music, is releasing three Christian songs for the season of Lent and Holy Week. These beautiful songs will work well as part of lenten and holy week liturgies and church services. The first release, 'Psalm 31 Good Friday' is available now, with 'Prince of Peace' following on March 8th, and 'Turn onto Him' on March 15th.

Angela's beautiful singing effortlessly conveys the message of faith through meaningful lyrics. Her songs draw upon the deep well. of scripture and embody the Christian principles of love, hope, and redemption. She has a deep passion, and natural ability, to lead and Inspire people through her songs, drawing the listener into a deeper relationship and walk with God. Angela is a woman of God and writes songs from the heart, inspired by her life's experiences and convictions-flowing from this are genuine and sincere songs, that strike a chord with listeners of different backgrounds.

Angela works closely with her husband, Robert, on her songs. They form a powerful team creatively and in marriage! Angela's inspirations bring together a theme, melody, scripture. and lyrics. Robert will then tweak the structure and harmony, fine-tune the piano part, and ideas write accompanying vocal harmonies and instrumental lines. This blending of and inspiration produces a mesmerizing aural experience that affects everyone who a hears it, cultivating a great sense of peace in the hearts of the listeners.

Angela has an active music ministry in her local church, facilitating liturgical worship as director of the church choir for the past fifteen years. Many of Angela's songs have been honed and brought to life by life by the church choir and their inclusion in the church services. Many Angela's self-published songs and hymns remain an active part of the church of choir's repertoire. These songs have been tried and tested and will work well for any church service or any combination of singers. Angela desires for her songs to be sung by other church musicians and choirs so that in this modern world, God's loving care for us all can be communicated in a fresh and new way.

Angela's songs have already touched the lives and hearts of thousands of people. Every time Angela performs her songs in public, congregation members always approach her afterwards to testify to God, and his Holy Spirit, touching their lives. Praise be to God!

Wexford-based, Irish Christian musician Angela Mahon has become well known for her moving songs. Best known of these are: Precious Blood, One Call, HERE IS MY HEART, YOU Belong (Radio Edit), The Blessing, Break Free, and many more.

Listeners are moved by Angela Mahon's music, which touches their souls and helps them grow in faith. Her tracks are ideal for worship and introspection because of her uplifting lyrics and soothing voice. The songs One Call and Precious Blood are only two instances of the strong messages she expresses in her music.

With songs like Break Free and HERE IS MY HEART Angela Angela implores her audience to submit to a higher power and find comfort in divine love. In difficult times, Towards the light and Hope on the Horizon provide a glimpse of hope by reassuring us that there is always light and goodness when we walk with God.

In conclusion, Angela Mahon's music invites listeners into the peace of God through deep scriptural references, moving melodies, and thoughtful lyrics, Her songs can act as a bridge between God's loving heart and his people.

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