Caspar McCloud Band Announce Latest Album 'Walking In Authority'

May 10 2022

Caspar McCloud Band are putting the finishing touches to their latest album 'Walking In Authority', due out later this year. The double album features 24 new songs to help strengthen and encourage listeners for the days ahead.

"Isn’t it interesting that the Lord often sends His musicians out to the front lines of battle using music to help strengthen His armies when they engage in warfare? Images of the British fife and drummer leading the way come to mind", explains Pastor Caspar.

"What must it sound like to hear the Lord of all creation joyfully singing over us - sending us supernatural peace with His agape love? One thing I feel certain of from studying His Holy Guide Book to the Supernatural is that it is personal. When you sing over your loved ones it is personal. When mums and dads sing over their babies it’s personal. Even when we sing to a crowd it is still personal as it can affect each person in different levels of understanding, and when God Almighty sings over us it must also be personal. So I reckon if God Almighty who also created music sings over us, music must somehow be important to Him. If music is important to God Almighty what should we do with it? After all, the final purpose of music is to bring glory to the Lord.

As a musician, I believe He did this because music expresses deep emotion in a way that words alone cannot. Singing to God Almighty in worship of Him helps us to keep the Lord our first love. It is a way of making a wholehearted declaration that we love God no matter what is going on in our life. When the angels in Heaven witness this, they join in.

I have spent much of my life, as have my band mates, learning to play a new song skillfully unto my Lord (Psalm 33:3). Although we consider music an art form, it’s so much more than we can understand this side of Heaven. From my years of studying our Holy Guide Book to the Supernatural, and my research and studies of epigenetics, along with my background as a recording artist, I think I understand a wee bit how one well-crafted song can change our perceptions of reality the way one good idea can change the world.

As we continue to fight the good fight of faith together, I pray Walking In Authority will bless you and help to encourage you to be an overcommer staying in prayer that we shall escape these things that are unfolding upon the world stage."

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