Interview: Paul Bill Jr

Jun 27 2022

Urban Contemporary Gospel recording artist Paul Bill Jr. has released a new praise and worship single titled 'Forever'. Louder Than The Music caught up with Paul to find out more about his music and what inspires him to make it.

For those who haven't heard of you before, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in making music?

Firstly I am a Christian, husband, father, worship leader and simply a young man who loves the Lord and loves to create for Him! I started making music when I was a teenager between the age of thirteen and fifteen. It wasn’t until I gave my life to Jesus at age 21, that I started to sing for Him. My passion for creating was consistently there and by the time I was twenty-three I began writing, recording and producing Christian music. To give further context, being 30 years old to date, I can attest it’s been seven beautiful years writing songs for Jesus!

Tell us about your new single 'Forever' and what the inspiration behind it was?

I just want to remind people that regardless of what name is trying to exalt itself against the name of God, (Covid, mass shootings, food shortages, depression, anxiety, etc), there’s still no one higher, no one greater and no one stronger than God! I believe we can trust that God is working in the midst of all our situations and circumstances.

Earlier this year you also released an EP titled 'Alive In The Room', what are the highlights of that release for you?

What comes to mind as a huge highlight for me was the Live release party! I was able to bring together an amazing group of people of different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures to worship one God under one roof! It felt like heaven!

What message would you like people to take from your music?

The message I pray that is conveyed is that there’s a person by the name of Jesus, who came to a broken and separated world to take on all burden and sin. He died on a cross, went into a grave and three days later defeated death, sin, and grave. There’s absolutely nobody like Him and if He cared enough about me and my faults and failures enough to die for them, then you can trust and believe that He cares about you too!

How would you describe your style of music and what are your influences?

I would describe my style as urban contemporary Christian/Gospel. My biggest influences are Israel Houghton, Maverick City Music, Todd Dulaney, Fred Hammond and Cody Carnes. I just love energetic, exciting worship!

If you could work with any songwriter, who would it be and why?

Israel Houghton! No questions asked, hands down! Since the beginning of my faith walk I’ve been told how much I remind others of him. Of course I love his music and if I had the opportunity to write with him or record with him it would be a dream come true!

How would you define success in your career as an artist?

I would define success by the legacy and impact I’ve left behind. I just pray that there are a number of people who are truly impacted, changed, set free, healed, and delivered through Jesus' mighty name!

What is your favorite album of all time?

William McDowell’s The Cry: A Worship Experience. From start to finish that album is engaging and incredible. I'm thinking that and Kelontae Gavin: The Higher Experience!!

You're stuck on an island, it's hot, you only have enough battery life left to listen to one song on your phone. What track is it?

Forever by Paul Bill Jr!

What does the next year hold for you?

I believe this next year will unlock some amazing things in the music ministry for me! I am believing God to be able to take on a role in full time ministry! Whatever it is, I believe it’s going to be BIG!

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