Tragic Bushfires Ignite Songwriter Aaron Partridge To Record 'Watching the Whole Town Burn'

Jul 26 2022

"Watching The Whole Town Burn", the latest single by singer songwriter Aaron Partridge is inspired by events surrounding the devastation of the 2019 bushfires that almost wiped out the entire coastal town of Mallacoota.

Vision of the idyllic holiday destination engulfed in flames that blocked out the sun and sent locals fleeing to safety by boat, stirred an emotional response from the Queensland guitarist.

Having travelled through Mallacoota prior to these tragic events, Aaron was particularly stirred by the resilience shown from the community and vividly remembers the tv news scenes of survivors huddled in boats on the nearby water looking back to watch helplessly as their town was burning to the ground.

Aaron's new EP, also titled "Watching The Whole Town Burn", comes off the back of an extended hiatus for the Blues Rock and Country artist and contains five original songs recorded in Aaron's own studio. Along with his live band the Brothers of Redemption, Aaron has played a limited run of live shows in the last year and hopes of adding further dates for the last half of 2022.

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