Interview: Caspar McCloud

Jul 26 2022

Caspar McCloud is back with his Band for the release of their latest album, 'Walking In Authority', a double-length album featuring Pastor Caspar's trademark lightning-speed guitar style. As always, the songs cover real world, modern day issues and events, exploring themes and theories that other artists steer clear of. In Louder Than The Music's latest in-depth interview with the man himself, Caspar McCloud, we find out how he manages to keep recording album after album at an astounding rate, and delve into some of the subjects that he has turned from conspiracy to song. As always, all opinions and ideas are Caspar's own, as he exploits his incredible knowledge and scientific insight to take us behind his music.

Hi Caspar - another year, another album! This time it’s a super-sized release with 24 songs - how do you manage to write so many top-quality tracks so frequently?

Excellent question, Dave. I find quite often that after I study the Word of God, the Word of God makes its way into my music and many of my song lyrics. So for me, writing music is like journaling my ongoing conversations with the Holy Spirit. Reading the Word of God to show myself approved of the Lord Jesus equips me on numerous levels to use my talents for His glory and continually draws me closer to Christ.

At the beginning of 2022, the first song I wrote was Make Us Free, which is basically a prayer put to music about dealing with these end times issues we are all facing now. Let us not be deceived by the lies and propaganda mind control technologies that are in play. By getting into the almighty Word of God the almighty Word of God gets into us so that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). This is how we overcome. This is how we endure until the Lord Jesus rescues us and makes us free from this fallen world. The Lord Jesus shall deliver us into the Heaven He has prepared for us. “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” John 14:3.

Observing what is unfolding on the world stage today I think many of us are praying and wondering how much longer will we wait until the Lord returns to rescue us from all these psychopathic, globalist transhumanists and their nefarious plans and agendas. If our world is not on a direct path to the fulfillment of Revelation 13:16-18 something unfolding before us today has a most uncanny resemblance to the mark of the beast system.

While my friend legendary drummer Carmine Appice and I were playing some of our new song ideas for each other, Carmine told me how he really wanted to record Christian songs at this point in his life. So straightway I asked him if he would record Make Us Free with me, and he said yes. I rather think he did a bang-up job of it.

Are you constantly writing songs, and then saving them up for an album, or do you have a concerted songwriting session where you write all the tracks for an album in a short space of time?

I have a tendency to get very focused and write a multitude of songs, and then back off for a while. So yes, I do actually write all the songs for a new album in a relatively short space of time. In fact, sometimes I find myself writing several songs simultaneously which happened with Walking In Authority. The thing about writing songs is it is like taking a bucket of ideas from the ocean. You work with what you have understood, knowing that there are plenty more buckets of ideas just waiting to be swept up. In that sense, I find it best to finish writing a song straightaway once I grab hold of an idea, because there are so many ideas if I don’t capture it at the moment it’s soon like water passing under a bridge that gets blended back into the ocean. But occasionally I’ll save bits of an idea for a song and finish it up at a later time as the inspiration of the Holy Spirit leads me.

Writing songs is like having a good conversation. Getting together with my band stimulates quite a lot of ideas. In the midst of rehearsing for a concert, we sometimes will break into an extended jam session instead to consider ideas worth pursuing. Surrounding yourself with other gifted and talented people tends to stimulate more creativity.

Because we track so well together musically, I like to refer to one of my bandmates, Renae Truex, as my musical twin. One evening after my wife and I had dinner with Renae and her husband in Nashville, Renae grabbed one of her husband’s guitars off the dining room wall and said, “Write something”. So straightway I recalled a melody I meant to use for a song years ago. Renae grabbed a yellow legal pad and started writing down lyrics I made up.

I love being in a band with Renae. She understands a lot of the prophetic things that I have presented in conferences and weekly sermons over the years, and she has this amazing ability to help me sort through what lines to use and what to not use. So it’s really easy for us to write together as musically we are very similar. We can just start making up the music and most often play and sing the right part at the right moment the first time around. She also has what we call perfect pitch which is invaluable.

At a hotel the night before the band and I played at a recent television show, Carlos and Donovan had already turned in for the night as we were all tired from traveling, but Renae and I thought we should rehearse some of the new songs before the broadcast. We had gotten word a little while earlier that day that the Georgia Guidestones had been severely damaged by a lightning strike or something like a lightning strike, and that the local authorities had decided to knock down what remained of the structure rather quickly. So Renae and I decided to live-stream an improvised song about it. Seriously, we didn’t rehearse it. We just started singing and playing, “The Georgia Guidestones have fallen down, fallen down, fallen down. The Georgia Guidestones have fallen down. Goodbye globalists. When have you ever seen them destroy a crime scene? It’s so reminiscent of a 9/11 dream....” I actually hope we make a proper recording of it for the next album.

Another example of this was when we were in the recording studio about ready to leave for the day and Renae said something to me about how the prime minister in Canada might lower his restrictions. I looked at her with my guitar in my hand and played a riff singing, “We know he’s up to something and we know it’s no good.” Then Renae ran and grabbed her mobile phone and said, “Do that again,” and recorded this bit where I am making up a song and sent it to me. When we all got home, I looked at the video, and about 15 minutes later I recorded a version of Up To Something and sent it to the band. It’s one of my favorites on Walking In Authority. With lyrics like “CAN’T WAIT TO LOCK YOU UP FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. WE’VE ALL HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH OF YOUR INSANITY,” it’s a song we can all sing to the world economic forum psychopathic globalist transhumanists.

How would you sum up the theme of this new album, Walking in Authority?

Most of the world was already in the midst of perishing from lack of knowledge of God’s almighty Word, and wasn’t paying close attention to the demonic magic tricks, witchcraft, and manipulation taking place when the nefarious ones announced their lockstep worldwide lockdown in March of 2020. Most of the world was willing to react by cowering inside what they believed to be safe places as they entertained the spirit of fear that God did not give them. It was utterly amazing to see how compliant they were willing to be with the draconian mandates of wearing facemasks that didn’t protect them in the least from any wee microscopic bioweapon.

Something significant was going on to manipulate the world into bowing down to the spirit of fear. Whilst most of the places in the world were locked down in quarantine and the mainstream propaganda news spewed out its message to cause mass formation psychosis, and Tel-Lie-Visions were deceiving the masses, in the background globalists were busy installing the smart city infrastructure with surveillance cameras, smart lights and smart poles in hopes of having them fully functional by the end of 2022.

Possibly a billion surveillance cameras are now connected to the modern tower of Babel (the Internet and the cloud). Artificial intelligence is working to mind control and manipulate nations with the cover story of how they will prevent evildoers from being able to do evil. But the thing is, they consider all of us to be evil, useless eaters. Their surveillance beast system is to hinder our freedom in case you haven’t figured that out yet. So as Klaus Schwab boasts, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” Schwab also expects you to live off of eating insects or synthetic meats from the Gates of Hell Foundation.

We read in Isaiah 5:20, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

One of the characteristics I find so appealing about God Almighty is that He is very direct, as He says what He means and He means what He says. Every word has direction and multiple meanings just like the opening words of one of the very first commandments found in Deuteronomy 5:6, “I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.”

When you think about it, all our spiritual armour mentioned in Ephesians 6 is frontal, and we who are part of God’s family and army are supposed to be advancing not retreating. We are supposed to be running into battle like David knowing that we shall be victorious and take down the Nephilim giants who don’t belong on this planet to begin with.

We read in a number of Biblical accounts that when the Israelites formed ranks to battle against Nephilim nations, the musicians led the way. So there seems to be little doubt what a powerful weapon of warfare that music can be. Isaiah 12:5-6 says, “Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world. Shout aloud and sing for joy, people of Zion, for great is the Holy One of Israel among you.”

If I could sum up the theme of this new album, Walking in Authority, it is written from inspiration to us from Luke 10:19, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

One thing I always enjoy about your music is that you include songs about really unexpected but modern themes. Last time it was 'Nanobots' and this album has a track called 'Self Driving Truck'! Tell us what that's about?

Self Driving Truck is a wee bit of fun. I was joking with my bandmates about how pretty soon we’ll be hearing country songs about how the truck leaves the cowboy and cowgirl. We all had a good laugh and then I felt led to write Self Driving Truck later that day. I have never done a country song before. One time in a concert between songs when it was really quiet for a moment someone shouted out, “Can y’all play country?” I looked at them and asked what country they had in mind? I offered Japan as a possibility and started playing some Japanese-sounding melodies built on a pentatonic or heptatonic scale.

Anyway, Renae who is actually quite accomplished in playing country music got her husband Carco to record pedal steel on the song. Carco is an excellent musician and I love how he gave that song such an authentic country flavour. In the story that unfolds in the song, the self-driving truck dumps the driver, and drives away on its own, and the driver ends up walking all the way back home. It could happen you know.

I have been warning those who have ears to hear for years about how things are unfolding before us on the world stage where artificial intelligence may try to take us over. I did a Zoom meeting in Scotland recently with my friend Dr. Carrie Madej. The organisers sent out a letter saying how Dr. Madej was one of the first physicians to help expose the nanotechnologies in the unlicensed, uninsured, untested, experimental genetic modifiers that people were subjecting themselves to, and how my 2016 book Unmasking the Future mapped out eight years earlier most of what we see playing out today.

By the way, I was taking Dr. Madej’s parents to the airport and we had a long drive so they wanted to listen to the new album seeing as how their daughter was featured on the cover. As we were driving along I realised most of the songs came about from conversations I had with Dr. Madej. For example, part of the lyrics in the song Unredeemable are, “PEOPLE ARE NOT HACKABLE NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY. GOT A SOUL AND SPIRIT THE DEVIL WANTS TO TAKE AWAY. ARE YOU BEING DECEIVED AGAIN AND LIED TO YOUR FACE? HAS YOUR DNA BEEN CHANGED AND GOD’S SIGNATURE ERASED?”

The church really needs to understand that even secularists are sounding the alarm, because even they can see how close we are coming to a place where artificial intelligent machines will merge with humanity and take over the world. Part of the agenda is to do away with humanity altogether as created by God and replace us with Human 2.0.

The prophet Daniel told us how we will all know when we’re living in the last days before the Lord Jesus returns. “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:4.

Ray Kurzweil is one of the top Google executives helping to compile all the data on each one of us. Some of those on the cutting edge of such research like Max More, Natasha Vita-More, and Kurzweil believe that merging humans with machines through biotechnology, molecular nanotechnologies, and artificial intelligence, will help us increase our cognitive abilities.

In other words, it will change you into a super being. Seems there was a world war fought about such things in the 1940s where a certain group of occult practitioners sought to create a superiour race like the ancient Nephilim. They didn’t have the technologies available in the 1940s that we have today which could accomplish such tasks.

So the nefarious plans are to improve upon God’s creation so that in the future we become physically and emotionally stronger with never-ending life spans as if to become a sort of embodiment of a god - at least that’s their erroneous idea of what a god is.

There is a gentleman named Anthony Levandowski who legally registered his own artificial intelligence church. Levandowski, the Silicon Valley engineer and expert in self-driving car technology started the “church of artificial intelligence” some years ago. Levandowski described in papers filed with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that his new church was based on “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.”

Levandowski was quoted as saying, “It’s not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes, but if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?” I would think he was jolly well aware of what is unfolding on the world stage with all its strange technologies and mind and weather manipulations with technology weapons like HARRP.

Let us just consider how speech and facial recognition have continued to advance and find their way into your life with that mobile phone you gents carry about in your pockets, or you ladies have in your purses... that includes the world’s entire system of surveillance systems.

In fact today neural networks are bringing superhuman levels of analytics to everything from security to the financial world and more, and all of it invades and takes away your freedom.

The Lord told us such a day was coming, and it is already here now and set up. Revelation 9:6 says, “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.” Revelation 9 also tells us that under the fifth trumpet judgment John saw a star fall from heaven to earth. This “star” is obviously Satan, and he is given the key to the bottomless pit. He also saw a plague of supernatural locusts that resemble horses prepared for battle “…and they serve their king whose name is Apollyon, meaning ‘Destroyer.’” They will go about to torment unbelievers for five months with such pain that people will seek death but will be unable to die. I am guessing by that time the transhumanists will have found the way of achieving artificial immortality, uploading human consciousness into their hive mind mechanisms.

Something scientists at CERN are involved with is opening up dimensional gateways. Perhaps the kingdom of darkness will direct these unethical scientists to unleash those locust creatures.

Under the sixth trumpet judgment, the Apostle John sees four angels released who were bound under the Euphrates River. Their release triggers a demonic horde of two hundred million mounted troops that kill a third of mankind. Amazingly the survivors of this ordeal will still refuse to abandon their evil idolatry, repent and receive Christ’s salvation.

I predict all of this will make sense as it rolls out and unfolds to people not well versed in the Word of God.

The transhumanists will convince themselves how they can really begin to open up their minds so that nothing they imagine will be impossible to them. The last time that mindset was in play was when the Lord God Almighty dealt with Nimrod and his Tower of Babel.

We are again on the verge of a major game changer.

They can call it Global Warming or Climate Change. They can turn words around like New World Order and call it The Great Reset, and UFOs are now called UAPs (Unexplained Aerial Phenomena), but it’s all built on the same stack of lies and deceptions. Now that people are less fearful of Fauci-itis, the mainstream propagandists will be pushing hard their Climate Change agenda.

The world has been bewitched. “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” Galatians 3:1.

You can’t use reason and logic with someone who is programmed by liberalism, and it appears to me the world has embraced Stockholm Syndrome. They are programmed to be offended when offered words of truth. One of the lighter hearted songs on Walking In Authority is called Darker and Lighter. The lyrics contrast Christians with the world. “THE WORLD’S GETTING DARKER, BUT WE’RE GETTING LIGHTER EVERY DAY.” Soon and suddenly everything’s going to change the day Christ Jesus returns. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Until then, as the song goes, “PEOPLE SUFFER FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE BEING BRAINWASHED IN COLLEGE.”

There are already adverts and commercials talking about how to handle a nuclear attack, is this more predictive programming? You tell me.

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, the top advisor to Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, shared with a University of California television audience: “There is no such thing as free will, freedom has no meaning and humans have invented God.” Mind you he used his free will to say that. On his website, he states: “History began when humans invented gods and will end when humans become gods.” Harari also said, “That thing about Jesus Christ being the son of God and being raised from the dead is fake news.”

I meet other pastors and most are clueless about what Harari is going on about. And you wonder why the church isn’t walking in Christ’s authority today? You have people perishing from lack of knowledge. You have pastors who don’t belong in the pulpits embracing worldliness and exclusivity. If the watchman sees the sword coming and doesn’t warn the people, he is in big trouble with the Lord. “But if the watchman sees the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” Ezekiel 33:6.

Anyone who thinks God’s creation needs to be improved upon and altered will not fare well when they stand face to face with the Lord Jesus Christ at their appointed time unless they change their way of thinking now and repent. We read in 2 Corinthians 5:10, “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.”

You can see from what has happened since 2020 how easily pushing the Antichrist beast system will be in the seven-year Tribulation. “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:22.

What is the bottom line on all these things? Get on the narrow pathway of holiness with the Lord Jesus. Be a doer of the Word. “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James 1:22; “casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7; and “follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14.

If you had to pick just one track from the album, which one would you say stands out as your favorite and why?

In a way, it’s like asking me to pick out my favorite child after giving life and love to 24 of them. Overall I am quite pleased with all the songs. I pray they will all be used by the Lord Jesus to help bring everyone who listens into a deeper and stronger relationship with Him. Nevertheless, until we see the Lord Jesus face to face, either in the rapture or at the end of our existence here we must trust God Almighty for every detail and continue our efforts to spread the Gospel, the good news of His Kingdom with the resources we have been given. It is my prayer that all these songs help bring people closer to the Lord Jesus.

There's a very creative album cover for this release - talk us through the thinking behind that?

For a number of years, I have been privileged to minister alongside some of the most outstanding and outspoken erudite scholars, physicians and researchers.

The cover depicts a lot of my friends taking a stand with Caspar McCloud Band to stand up for truth Walking In Authority.

I think Dr. Lee Merritt's quote sums it up succinctly: “This is awesome music and an awesome cover!!! But also it’s a collection of my friends in the great DNA war against humanity.”

“The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” Luke 12:53.

Anyone paying attention to what is transpiring on the world stage today must see that we are in prophetic times. I look at how we the people have been divided today and how we are tearing each other apart over minor issues whilst the enemy of our souls is planning the final battle to destroy all humanity!

We must emphasize Christ’s agape love and understanding of what the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Messiah Yeshua did for each one of us when he sacrificed Himself for the sins of this fallen world on that Roman cross.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16.

The Gospel of Christ, is the best news ever which is the power of God unto salvation. However, as glorious as being translated into Heaven will be, it is even more than just going to Heaven when we leave this present fallen world. Salvation in the Greek and Hebrew translations also means healing, deliverance, restoration, provision, divine protection, and saving us from God’s wrath for eternity. “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.” 1 Thessalonians 5:9.

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness.” Romans 1:18.

The Lord Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection gave us these blessings in our spirits, souls, minds, and bodies, along with the good work of our hands and in covenant relationships with Him and each other.

We are now in Christ and His Holy Spirit dwells in us, meaning that the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in us. We have become the sons and daughters of God and are saved, sanctified, delivered, redeemed, justified, and glorified.

“And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” Romans 8:14.

Knowing who we are in Christ is vital to be able to walk in authority and in faith, not by how things might look tomorrow or even moments from now. Along with wars and rumours of wars and all the nefarious orchestrated plans and agendas, a handful of psychopathic globalist transhumanists have been allowed to inflict suffering on this fallen world. Those with eyes to see can discern that the official narratives don’t add up. JFK was not killed by one lone gunman. Elections have been stolen. Covidmania was designed as a bioweapon. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are very effective and have been kept from those who needed them. Psychopathic eugenicists are trying to lower the population worldwide. Face masks have nothing to do with protecting you, but are causing oxygen deprivation from breathing in your own bodily waste (carbon dioxide).

Boris Johnson gave a rather strange speech at the UN General Assembly about modern technologies back in 2019. One particular question he asked was: “Will nanotechnology help us to beat disease, or will it leave tiny robots to replicate in the crevices of our cells?”

Most government leaders seem rather corrupt and compromised beyond what most can imagine, and we are watching the mark of the beast system being set up.

When we know the truth, then the truth makes us free. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32.

So on the cover, we are all joining together and we are not going to allow a group of devil worshippers and deceivers to bulldoze the world into their new world order. Yes, there is a new world order coming because the Lord Jesus is coming back to put this world into His proper new order.

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” Revelation 21:1.

I keep seeing YouTube videos of TV performances and concerts you've played at - you're really getting out there with your music at the moment aren't you?

We do love getting to play concerts and connecting with old and new friends. According to research, our brain loves to enjoy experiences, rather than just things. There is a sense of feeling more fulfilled when we share experiences, such as attending a concert both for the musicians playing and those in the audience. There are studies showing how live concerts can help reduce stress by lowering the cortisol levels of concertgoers. Also, there is excitement as the music surrounds you, so that your brain releases all those positive endorphins that essentially also work to block pain. I find that concerts can be good exercise. It takes a good amount of energy to sing and play for several hours glorifying the Lord Jesus. And between all that standing, singing along, and moving and grooving to the beat the audience does, after a few songs they’ve most likely already exercised the equivalent of 30 minutes spent on a treadmill.

There is also a sense of connection and well-being we share with the crowd as we are all gathered together in place before the Lord Jesus. Just hearing certain songs can make us a wee bit nostalgic remembering how that song was a part of our life which brings back happy memories. But the final purpose of music is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus.

Consider how the Last Supper is certainly one of the most profound events that unfolded in our Holy Guide Book to the Supernatural. The Lord Jesus knew He was going to be betrayed, and He knew that He was going to feel horrific physical and emotional pain beyond what anyone has ever experienced before or since. The Lord Jesus knew He would see His mother Mary at the foot of the cross and how her heart would be broken knowing her son was the Messiah nailed to a Roman cross. He knew that He was to be the sacrificial Passover Lamb that came to bear the sins of the world and the wrath of God. And yet, knowing these things, we see in the gospels of Matthew and Mark that the Lord Jesus/Yeshua chose to worship Father God by singing a hymn with His original disciples at the conclusion of sharing His Last Supper with them. “And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the Mount of Olives.” Mark 14:26. How significant this is when we contemplate the deep emotion the Lord felt in anticipation of what He would endure in order to save each one of us. Let us sing a hymn together before we go any further. As a musician, I believe the Lord Jesus did this because music expresses such deep emotion in a way that our spoken words alone cannot express. Singing to God Almighty in worship of Him, no matter what style we choose, clearly helps us to keep the Lord our first love. It is a way of making a wholehearted declaration that we love and trust God Almighty no matter what is going on in our life. When the angels in Heaven witness this, they join in. Getting into that place of worshipping the Lord also creates an atmosphere where miracles can happen.

How do you think the songs on this album can help listeners?

Considering music pre-existed humanity and that it is important to the Lord, it should be important to us. We read in places like Job 38:7 the Lord asked Job “Where were you…while the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” This means that the heavenly host was singing at the dawn of creation itself. Music is another wonder of God’s infinite creative mind that transcends the mind, the body, soul and spirit, and the senses. It seems nobody has ever been able to completely and totally define it. For example, if a person is born deaf they can only experience music by feeling its sound vibrations, but beyond that, how could you hope to explain its full effect to them?

I believe that listening to the songs on Walking In Authority will bless you beyond what you can imagine and fill you with understanding to help you put Christ first in all things in your life.

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9.

Which other Christian artists do you really admire?

My mentor Phil Keaggy and I were talking a few days ago and we have been friends since I was a teenager so we can reminisce about things we experienced together over many long years. Phil is the one who led me to Christ, and ever since my teen years, I pretty much modeled the way I minister after what I observed him do in concert and afterwards praying for people. Phil is like my wiser older brother and certainly one of my biggest influences as a musician.

My friends Tommy James (Shondells) and Rick Derringer are also artists I admire. They are both strong Christians and legendary artists, and after working with them over the years, I can hear places in my music where they have influenced the way I approached a certain phrase or passage.

I'm sure you've already started thinking about recording more music - what can we expect from you next?

Many times after I finish giving a presentation or sermon, numerous people will tell me what a powerful message I gave. At that point I get this gut feeling like what will I share next week? Can I share something more profound, more edifying, more uplifting, more insightful that will help more people walk in Christ’s authority so that supernatural signs and wonders, healing and miracles shall follow them? Then I am reminded of Luke 12:12: “For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.”

Whatever we do next I ask for your prayers that it be glorifying to our Lord Jesus and that it blesses everyone in the process.

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