South Carolina Worship Leader Alec Forman Releases 'In Jesus Name' Album

Oct 04 2022

Alec Forman, an upcoming Worship Leader in South Carolina, has released his anticipated debut album 'In Jesus Name'. One of the standout songs from the album is 'Fix Our Eyes'. This song is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional structure. With the inclusion of the old hymn "On Christ the Solid Rock I stand" it brings a sense of reverence and beauty as we fix our eyes to the Cross of Christ. The song opens with a female lead by Malorie Pounders and picks up from there and leads the listener in a moment of powerful worship.

The album also features this song 'You are I Am', the powerful story of healing centered around Alec, his wife Ashley and their youngest child "Cash" that fought through a severe battle with RSV and double Pnemonia. That story inspired a full album of songs filled with hope, declaration, healing.

The album 'In Jesus Name' features songs from Alec and his team at Lake Wylie Christian that were written throughout 2021. These songs represent the victories, struggles, prayers, and breakthrough they experienced through faith in Christ and praying as a Church.

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