Standing Phase Release New Single 'Dust'

Oct 03 2022

Standing Phase, consisting of core members singer/songwriter Charly Jay-Wood and guitarist/co-writer Luis Wood, released their new single 'Dust' on 30th September.

The new single follows the release of the songs 'Learning Still' and 'Three Wishes' in July, and 'Always' in May.

"This is ultimately a love song from a parent to a child" Charly explains. "I wrote this song with my young son in mind who struggles with impatience (as we all do sometimes!). It’s only after the song was written, I realised that this is actually what God the Father was also singing over us.

‘Your bones were made from Dust’ speaks of the fragile nature of our humanity and how ultimately, we are God’s creation - formed from the dust of this earth.

This track was mixed and mastered by Adrian Hall (Alicia Keys, Tori Amos, Black Eyed Peas) and is the 4th single from our forthcoming album."

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