Award-Winning World-Pop Band Trinity Releases Christmas EP 'Let Love Be The Gift'

Oct 29 2022

One of Europe’s best-known Christian bands, Trinity releases its Christmas EP, Let Love Be The Gift, globally (Oct. 28) from The Fuel Music to digital and streaming outlets everywhere.

The six-song EP includes the title track that was co-written and produced with GRAMMY-nominated, multiple Dove Award-winning producer Ian Eskelin. Based on the prophecy in Isaiah: 9:2, the song is an epic-sounding EP-opener that combines Nashville’s Christian music influence with the famous Celtic Riverdance and hints from the box office hit musical drama The Greatest Showman.

“Baby Jesus, this mysterious child, becomes a shepherd-king,” reflects Trinity lead singer Elbert Smelt on the inspiration behind “Let Love Be The Gift.” “Through the centuries, He leads His people through glory and hardship from the Kingdom that he started back then, and is still shaping today. It is a joy to be a part of this worldwide movement of love, peace and forgiveness.”

Let love be the gift
We find under the tree
There’s a new life to live
A treasure to keep
Goodbye to old times
Goodbye to tears
May the good Lord bless and keep you
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

(“Let Love Be The Gift” chorus)

Along with the title track, Trinity also records for the first time its crowd favorite and Christmas classic, “Little Drummerboy,” for the new EP. The band has performed the song live for years, even having its rendition featured on national TV in the Netherlands last year. See the NPO1 (Dutch BBC1) video.

"This song is very dear to me,” says Niek Smelt, the band’s drummer and producer. “The first CD I received when I was young - from my brothers / bandmates actually! - was the Drummer Boy EP from Jars of Clay. It has always reminded me that the Christmas Child deserves to be our first and most important audience.”

The full Let Love Be The Gift EP track listing follows:
1. Let Love Be The Gift
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3. Little Drummerboy
4. Masterpiece Of Love
5. Eyes Of Love
6. It Is Christmas

Taking the new music and fan favorites on tour, the band will host its fourth Christmas festival for thousands of people in 10 well-known horse-riding-stables across Europe. For those not able to attend live in-person, the band is providing a worldwide video stream of this festival through Veeps Dec. 23.

Eclectic, award-winning world-pop group and the Netherlands-based band Trinity always showcases an Irish twist in their sound and lyrics. The band’s fun-loving, acoustic approach and party-making craftsmanship is something they are known for around the world.

The Christmas EP follows this summer’s Trinity Street EP, the international release of Desert Rain earlier this year and 2019’s globally acclaimed The In Between, which features singles premiered by outlets like Parade, CCM Magazine, and more.

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