Blog: LTTM Album Awards 2022 - No. 9: Ian Yates - Between the Joy and the Sorrow - Part 1

Jan 26 2023

Voted in at Number 9 in the LTTM Album Awards 2022 is 'Between the Joy and the Sorrow - Part 1' from Ian Yates.

Title:Between the Joy and the Sorrow - Part 1
Artist:Ian Yates
Released:24 Jun 2022
Ian Yates, a worship leader and songwriter from Liverpool, UK, releases his sixth album in two parts. 'Between the Joy and the sorrow - Part 1' releases on June 24th 2022, with Part 2 coming on Sept 30th 2022. 'Between the Joy and the sorrow' is a collection of honest songs of living in the tension...
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Track Listing:
1. The Way
2. 40 Years
3. Back To You
4. Orange Skies
5. Don't Leave Me Here
6. Drifting
7. Without Love I Am Nothing
8. God You've Never Failed Me
9. Sit At My Feet

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