Andrew Gonoude Releases 'End of My Cross (My Gethsemane)'

May 01 2023

Andrew Gonoude is an English Christian artist, songwriter and worship leader from West Sussex UK, who has been singing and playing guitar for 35 years. He has served with many churches and music teams in the UK, USA, India, Ireland, Russia and Switzerland. He has just released his new single 'End of My Cross (My Gethsemane)'.

Andrew’s music can be found on his website,, on all streaming and download sites and he can also be followed on all the major social media platforms.

He is currently working on a new EP 'Audience Of One' and is releasing music every month. In December 2022, he released the 1st song, Tears For The Lost. The 2nd song from the EP, Everything Is Beautiful, followed in January. February saw the release of his 3rd song; The Highest Praise. In March, Be Exalted was released.

END OF MY CROSS’ is a fundraising song and a tribute to WILLIAM MARAIS. 100% of all sales will go directly to William’s charitable causes - with the kind permission of William’s family. So if you prefer to purchase and ''own'' your music outright, you can buy and download ‘END OF MY CROSS’ from Andrew’s website. All singles on his website are £1.00. This would be the most effective method of donating to the charity.

WILLIAM MARAIS went to be with the Lord in November 2021. He was a much-loved husband, father, grandfather, mentor, apostolic leader, church planter and international bible teacher. Many of the lyrics reflect the DNA and biblical values that he instilled in so many of those who heard him teach.

It is a song that describes a time of prayer with God the Father, in our own garden of Gethsemane. Committing our way fully to God, regardless of what happens to us afterwards. Andrew wrote this song for him a few days before he went to be with his Saviour. The thought process behind it was this: It was in Gethsemane where Jesus died to himself and to his own desires, praying "...not my will, but your will be done..." (Luke 22:42).

So when he left Gethsemane, Jesus was resolute. His mind was made up. He did not need to plead with his captors, nor answer them when questioned. Having already died to his own will, he then freely died on a cross in full obedience to the Father, ransoming us all from sin. Surely the greatest reward for a believer is to live well, in full obedience to Jesus. And to one day hear those precious words for ourselves: “Well done, good and faithful servant." (Matt. 25:23). As Christians, this gives us eternal hope. When we reluctantly say goodbye to loved ones, we know that they are receiving a crown of glory set apart for them by Jesus, the One who went before us. Proceeds from any sales will go to William’s charitable causes. Released with kind permission from his family.

“I know there is a crown at the end of my cross Treasure far beyond anything I may have lost Nothing else compares when I truly count the cost There's a greater crown at the end of my cross”

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