Mary Ozaraga Releases 'DTTAH' (Don't Try This At Home)

Jun 13 2023

Mary Ozaraga, a Singer-Songwriter and Worship Leader for her church in Cebu City, Philippines, has released her new single 'DTTAH' (Don’t Try This At Home), which she describes as a fun summer song about taking an adventure.

The song is an allegory of Mary’s journey and adventure in music. It’s an invitation to dream, to take risks, to run, jump, leap - out of comfort zones. As we dream bigger, we realize we can only achieve higher if we don’t do it alone.

Mary began sharing her music during the lockdowns in 2020, eventually releasing 3 singles & a 3 track Christmas EP in 2021, and 5 more singles in 2022. Her playfulness and musical influences are seen in how she experiments with song styles. Her background as a drummer is evident in her rhythmic guitar playing, in her songwriting and in her singing style.

Even with varied musical influences, she continues to search for the music of her country's history with a hope to one day raise up worship with music that is now almost completely forgotten.

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