Anchor Hymns Reveals New EP Inspired by Hymnal Tradition, 'Sing, Sing Sing'

Jun 18 2023

Anchor Hymns releases their third project, a new EP named "Sing, Sing, Sing." The title is a nod to the importance of the hymnal tradition - sacred songs that outlast us, inform our theology, and meet us in the face of joy and suffering.

Anchor Hymns is all about gathering to honor and join in the lineage of great songs of truth handed down over time, and after two initial projects presenting reimagined versions of Church classics, the collective introduces their first EP of originals. The five new tracks are groovy, folk-driven songs with a timeless feel. Anchor Hymns releases this new project with "By The Savior’s Power" as its featured track, a song meant to serve as a timeless hymn for life, death, and new life with Christ.

"I feel this song is truly important for all those in grief and who have experienced loss to hope in Christ who can be trusted in and has conquered death," says collective member Ricky Vazquez.

"Sing, Sing, Sing" gathered songwriters and worship leaders from various religious backgrounds, bringing the rich heritage of their tradition into the process. Anchor Hymns's founder, Andrew Osenga, tells of the three elements at the heart of lasting songs, “An honest presentation of our collective experience of suffering and doubt, an awareness of how fleeting time is, and God’s faithfulness through both of those things.”

With this in mind, this new project was crafted around a desire of writing songs for the Church to sing for ages to come and be anchored by in the midst of life’s uncertainty.

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