Rising UK Artist JVS Drops Afro-Gospel Heat in Summer Banger ‘CURRENTLY’ ft. Joel Baraza

Jul 03 2023

On July 1st 2023, South London’s Jeremy-Von-Sammy (JVS) is dropping afrogospel HEAT in his awaited new single, ‘Currently’ ft. Joel Baraza.

‘Currently’ is the stunning first single from JVS’s anticipated debut album, ‘Countless Blessings’, set to drop later this summer. It marks JVS’s first release after a 1-year hiatus.

Alive with anecdotes of sacrifice and struggle, bringing up universal emotions that any listener can relate to, JVS’s new track will leave you inspired and empowered - all while vibing and grooving to its afrobeats spirit.

JVS’s artistic versatility is masterfully showcased in ‘Currently’, where his typical rap style is rivalled by his powerful, velvety vocals. Singing smoothly on every verse, weaving in Ghanaian inflections and his mother tongue Twi, the song is the perfect afrogospel hit to vibe to this summer.

The lyrics were inspired by various biblical verses, with the hook centred on John 2:15-16: ‘I will fear no evil, I will fear no equal, for God is not your equal’. Singing this lyric with JVS is a female gospel artist, whose sweet stacked harmonies take us to church, filling the space with the spirit and force of a church choir.

“This upcoming album is special as I’ve taken some time away from music since last year July to strengthen my relationship with God, my family and to work on my personal growth. God is still moulding me to become the man he wants me to be. He met me where I was and protected in my darkest days. God’s blessings are always overflowing. I use music to express myself, so I’ll let the music do the talking.” - JVS

‘Currently’ ft. Joel Baraza is a powerful afrogospel bop - stream the single, out July 1st, and keep an eye out for JVS’s awaited debut album, ‘Countless Blessings', dropping soon.

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