JVS Drops Debut Captivating Single 'Blessing Me'

Aug 06 2020

JVS drops his debut captivating single 'Blessing Me' featuring ACE V!S!ON. The Christian/gospel fusion contains every element to get listeners grooving and uplifted. 'Blessing Me' takes the listener on a musical journey with a nostalgic hip-hop style combined with a modern R&B sound. The vocals and uplifting instrumentation seamlessly work together for a must-listen record.

Driven by his Christian faith, 'Blessing Me' contains lyricism that will hook the listener, due to the relatability and its captivating story-telling. The groovy beat with the melodic piano elements gives the vocal an energetic, intimate feeling. With motivating and catchy lyricism, this talented artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-quality music that supports the fact that he is set to make a strong impact on the music industry, as well as the
charts. This release is a testament to JVS’s innate talent. 'Blessing Me' offers anthemic instrumentation with a strong catchy message that will have listeners wanting more.

Jeremy-Von-Sammy, known by the stage name "JVS", was born on May 2nd, 2000 in South East London and is of Ghanaian descent. His passion for music at a young age has evoked this journey to create music on a global platform. He is driven by God's love and compassion to put out outstanding pieces that reflect his Christian faith as a Seventh-Day Adventist. JVS hopes to spread God's inspired Word to all generations by sharing his God-given talent. His music aims to serve as a reminder of God's love for his children, through clear lyrical content. JVS is one to look out for so keep your eyes peeled.

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