Switzerland Based Singer Songwriter Claudia Balla Releases New Album 'Winter Tale'

Oct 16 2023

Emerging from the alpine beauty of Switzerland, Claudia Balla is no ordinary singer-songwriter. With a voice that paints soft, stripped-down melodies and commands powerful piano ballads, she is a unique talent within the European music scene, echoing a story of determination, passion, and creative brilliance. Claudia's latest album 'Winter Tale' is available now, blending European folk and classical influences for an innovative project like no other.

"I wished to depict the Hungarian winter and what it represents for me. I wanted to create a winter album without mentioning the words “winter” or “Christmas”, only suggesting the season with the orchestration and the atmosphere of the tracks", she explains. "As the common denominator in most Christmas carols and the central theme of Christmas in general is love, I decided to write songs about different aspects of love.

Hopefully these songs will resonate with many people and serve as a refuge from everyday issues, especially in the current overpolitized, anxious and pessimistic climate."

The album features vocals and the harp, recorded in Geneva, Switzerland, a choir of 24 female singers (conducted by Zoltán Pad), and double bass, cello and keys recorded in Budapest, Hungary.

Claudia's 2013 debut album, “Enough,” was a bold and elegant entrance. With its intoxicating blend of tenderness and strength, Claudia announced herself as acompelling artist who had something of value to say.

With her sophomore release in 2016, “Fire,” Claudia reached new heights. The statement single “Perfect” became a battle cry for women around the world, addressing their societal status and challenges with a rare honesty. It's not just a song; it's a contemporary pop manifesto, weaving dark harmonic elements that resonated deep within the hearts of listeners.

In her 2019 single “Miracle” (featuring Swiss talent Mané ), Claudia took on an even greater challenge, climate change. She didn't just sing about it; she brought it to life with a mesmerizing video that depicted the heartbreaking devastation caused by human consumption.

2020's “Fix You” saw Claudia revisit and reimagine her teenage years through a 4-track country-pop EP, reflecting her ever-expanding creativity and storytelling prowess.

But it was “ALICE,” her 2022 album, that invited us into Claudia's own Wonderland. A landscape that's sometimes somber and lonely, yet portrayed with a delicate hope and relatability that only she can convey. Her recent duet “88,” with fellow Swiss songstress Laura Scaglia, is a nostalgic anthem that tackles cancel culture and social death metaphorically, adding yet another dimension to her evolving artistry.

Claudia Balla is a symphony of ambition,resilience, and extraordinary talent. Her journey from a child prodigy in Budapest to medical professional and ultimately, a music artist in Switzerland, is an inspiring melody that continues to play, captivating the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to listen.

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