Sarah Kroger's New Album, 'A New Reality', Is Out Now

May 17 2024

The anticipated album from Sarah Kroger, A New Reality (Integrity Music), is out now. Featuring ten honest songs beautifully showcasing her musical talents, including the early single releases of "No Filter" and "Still Yours," A New Reality is deeply personal, vulnerable, and introspective, basking in awe at God’s mystery and wonder while wrestling with big questions.

It is through her new songs that Kroger reaches the silent strugglers, the closet doubters, and anyone who has felt alone in their spiritual battles. She shares, “I hope that through listening to A New Reality, people feel encouraged to bring their imperfect, questioning, doubting selves to God. I want people to be reminded of the beauty of His presence in the world. He’s more real than we can comprehend."

It is also Kroger's hope to ignite the need for conversation around faith and doubt within the Church. It is her mission to assure the listeners that their doubts do not disqualify them from pursuing closeness with God, that it’s ok to question, to doubt, to pull on the string, and enable the unraveling to happen, knowing there is One who is gently mending the tangled threads back together into a beautiful, reconstructed tapestry.

With A New Reality, Sarah Kroger is at her most vulnerable while standing firm in her belief. The result is a lush, prayerful, and ultimately uplifting collection of songs for anyone who’s ever felt less than perfect. She is sharing more in-depth stories about her new songs with outlets such as Catholic Faith Network's CFN Live, Worship Leader, and on an upcoming episode of the Jesus Calling Podcast, among others.

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