Ayo Shamir Turns a Feeling of Revenge Into a Banger to Kick Off the Summer

Jun 13 2024

Ayo Shamir, and the crew known as the Ninety Nine, debut a new record on June 7, 2024, across digital streaming platforms.

“‘Grudges’ was inspired by a situation I had with someone I thought was a friend, that I was in business with, and he turned out to move like a snake. At the moment I ignored the red flags because I was so eager to work towards some goals I had. My flesh definitely wanted to get my lick back and expose homie to everyone, but the Holy Spirit and counsel from my wife reminded vengeance is the Lord’s.” - Ayo Shamir

Grudges is a convicting single that penetrates to the heart of the listener. Are you allowing your emotions to dictate your decision making, or are you following in the steps that God has put before you?

Selah the Corner, YP aka Young Paul, and Joseph SD engage in a battle of morality as Ayo Shamir masterfully orchestrates the battlefield’s condition, to ensure it is prepared for war, in the gritty boom bap style that is undoubtedly the producer’s calling card. For fan’s that have been eagerly waiting for new music, since the March release of “Ten Cuidado Pt. 2,” Grudges more than satisfies the itch.

With Ayo Shamir working towards a new album release, Grudges sets the stage for a new chapter in the revival of gritty hip hop that has been rising up within Christian rap.

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