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Dec 12 2012

Lou Fellingham, lead singer of British band Phatfish, took her 'Let This Be The Hour Tour' to Southampton for one final date before she, and drummer-husband Nathan, take a six-month sabatical to South Africa.

The church venue was full as Lou and her band, mostly consisting of Phatfish musicians, took to the stage to open the night with 'Promised Land'. With a subtle lighting arrangement and dozens of simple bare light bulbs on stands scattered around the stage, the atmosphere was relaxed and informal, but cosy and welcoming. Keeping the worship songs coming, Lou worked her way through 'Before The Throne Of God Above' and 'Lift Up His Name' using her incredibly beautiful and strong vocals to inspirational effect.

One thing that Lou seems to have grown into over the last few years is the role of natural communicator. In between songs she comfortably shared stories and words of encouragement in a friendly and effortless manner. With such a rich catalogue of songs to draw from, Lou had the crowd happily singing along with 'See The Lamb Of God' and a lovely stripped back version of 'Holy, Holy' with just an acoustic guitar and keyboard. 'My God Cares' is an absolute stunner of a song, packed full of emotion and passion, "Though the pain is strong and it's hard to carry on. I know that this is true, my God cares for you".

Before the band took a short break, Lou talked about the amazing work of the Samaritan's Purse Turn On The Tap campaign, playing a video that explained how drinking dirty water causes 4,000 children to die every day in the developing world. Just £45 can provide clean water for a family for 25 years.

Coming back from the interval, Lou launched into 'Higher', the title track from Phatfish's latest studio album. Following band introductions, where the full extent of the Phatfish family tree was revealed, they moved into 'Sing To The Lord' and then 'Breathe'. "So breathe on us now, come breathe on us now. Come pour out Your love from heaven" sang Lou, again massively impressive as such a talented singer. Still the worship anthems came as the band performed 'O God of Love', 'Amazing God' and the modernised hymn 'And Can It Be'.

Lou may have commented on the quietness of the crowd, but those of us in the audience were definitely enjoying the evening, as song after song of passionate worship had hearts burning. 'There Is A Day' made for an amazing finale to the night with its incredible chorus, "We will meet Him in the air, and then we will be like Him, for we will see Him as He is".

Lou and her band gave it everything for well over two hours of intense worship, making for a thoroughly impressive and enjoyable night.


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