Blog: LTTM Awards 2015 - No. 4: Salt Of The Sound - Echoes Of Wonder

AdvertJan 26 2016

Voted in at Number 4 in the LTTM Awards 2015 is the album 'Echoes Of Wonder' from Salt Of The Sound.

Title:Echoes Of Wonder
Artist:Salt Of The Sound
Released:30 Oct 2015

Echoes of Wonder leaves the listener searching, wondering, thinking, but still grabbing out for the beauty that is in this world. I believe this album does all that in musical form. And in all honesty, words can't describe it. It's like the first time you see your wife on your wedding day, words don't do justice to how you feel. Or when you see your baby being born, no words can describe that moment and feeling, it's just beauty. And this album is that, beautiful. I'm not saying that hearing this album is as important as those key moments in life, what I'm trying to say is that there is a magical, beautiful sound that my words will never convey. Another top quality album from this duo.
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