Review: RCL
Awesome God

Sep 30 2009

This album was pitched to me as Church music and that is a risky statement really. Christian music pretty much gets its reputation from what is performed on a Sunday morning in the confines of a Church and I think we all know, a lot of the time it has a very negative reputation. Luckily I have been to some pretty cool Churches where pretty cool music is played and I have always been a fan of really passionate music regardless of genre so I'm pretty open minded to it.

The album kicks in with a cheering crowd setting the scene for a live album of worship. Some live albums have a tendency to focus too much on the crowd so the music is overshadowed but this has a great level of interaction which never lets you forget the audience while never forgetting the music they are responding to. The melodies are catchy, as you would expect and the music really isn't ground-breaking but somehow it really shines. It manages to sound creative and fresh while following a formula which many have done before.

Some songs, Lord I Love, kick in sounding a little High School Musical. Others, such as My Strength, have a boy-band corny kind of sound to them. However, regardless of appearances the content and great production throughout saves every single song. I read another review as I was reading up on RCL Praise which commented on the standard of production and that it was kind of hard to believe this is a debut album as it's been so well produced. While I am far from an expert on these things, I have to totally agree.

This album is filled with passion, both in content and in performance. The vocals are beautiful from each of the performers, the harmonies and backing are perfect, the music is well put together and the lyrics are really well written and not predictable.

I love this album. I'm off now to try and find out how possible it is to get a local Church to host them!

Review by Suzanne Physick

LTTM Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Standout Tracks

My Deliverer
Raise Your Hands
So Amazing

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