Swedish Singer/Songwriter Mats Dernánd Releases 'She's Called Grace'

Jan 29 2019

Swedish singer/songwriter, keyboardist, and harmonica player Mats Dernánd has released his latest single 'She's Called Grace'. "In order to try and explains the mystery of God's grace, it hit [me] that God's grace is like a person (Grace) who visits you every morning, whispers forgiveness into your ear while you're still asleep", explains Mats.

And while you're still asleep she gets into you room
And her hair, touches your face as she's gently leaning over you
She softly whispers in our ear and all you doubt just disappear
She says: Don't be afraid the price is paid
Just like this day you’re all made new
She’s Called Grace

Mats music is atmospheric and suggestive with a distinct feeling for strong melodies and lyrics. His latest release 'She's Called Grace' is an optimistic, ever-growing and captivating song that summarizes what Mats Dernánd is all about as a songwriter and as an artist.

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