Philippa Hanna Releases New Single 'You're Still God'

May 22 2020

Philippa Hanna has released her second single, 'You're Still God'. This song is an anthem of faith in the face of pain and uncertainty and an integral part of Philippa Hanna's journey in writing her new album. "It's perhaps the most emotional recording I've ever done. I so hope it empowers and uplifts you too", says Philippa.

18 months ago, after a bombshell piece of news which her family received, she found herself in a writing session just hours later. ‘You’re Still God’ was the only song she could write - it spoke to her situation and helped her get through it. Today, in light of the huge challenge and pain our world is collectively facing, this song resonates even louder and will hopefully bring comfort to hearts across the globe.

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